in light of everything


“there’s this thing that anxiety does, which – is it takes you twenty miles down the road, into all of these possible outcomes. that – yeah, that could happen – but it also might not, and if it doesn’t, we will have spent all sorts of precious, sacred energy worrying and stressing. there’s lots to be terrified about, and yet the mind can ramble and run on, and you’re just burning all of this precious energy.”

-rob bell (from episode 126 of the robcast)

peru (cusco)


cusco. our taking-off point for the inca trail; our resting place before pushing our bodies to their limits; our introduction to the andes. spending a few chill days in cusco before embarking on a multi-day hike proved pretty necessary, allowing our lungs to learn how to use the new, thin mountain air.

cobblestone streets and tiny sidewalks and grit and history, warm in the sunshine and chilly at night. aside from a day or two of altitude sickness, i loved this city.