so, my boyfriend braden and i took a trip to central america.  we were gone for a while (two months, give or take) and now we are home and getting back into things, but still reminiscing…of big adventures and funny stories, overwhelming views and the tiniest of sea creatures, tastes and sounds and smells.  and we have pictures upon pictures…

i will do my best to tell our central america stories in order, but they might be interrupted now and then with bits of the lovely summer that is floating by.  i am so blessed to be working as a wedding photographer, so this new blog will be part love, part travel, part personal, part…

it’s funny, one of my favourite things about going away is how much you learn to appreciate familiarity, no matter how amazing your surroundings and experiences are.  this was definitely an incredible trip, but it is oh so good to be home.

(the pictures above were taken at the pacaya volcano just outside of antigua, guatemala.  this was our first hike and it was seriously breathtaking.  total highlight: roasting marshmallows over the heat escaping from the rocks!)

(also!  the name of this blog comes from the title of my most favourite book, one that i could read a hundred times over and never grow tired of.  i will love it forever.)

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  1. welcome in the blogging world, can’t wait to read everything about love, traveling, and your personal life. your photos are soooooooooooo good!

thanks for your comment! xo

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