guatemala | part two

we spent a weekend in the little town of panajachel, on (the gorgeous) lake atitlan.  it was fun to explore the packed markets, which we balanced with walking along the quiet lakefront.

it was in pana that we were also introduced to the tuk-tuk, a crazy mini taxi on three wheels that allowed us to zip around town for cheap!

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  1. mike was mentioning to me that you have been using the VSCO presets lately in lightroom… are these photos edited with them? if so, they turned out beautifully! i love the subdued colours and shadows.

    • yes! i like to use a combo of vsco and photoshop. also i can’t take full credit for the colours, because in reality they were just crazy beautiful.

  2. VSCO is so dope. did you have to buy it, or did you find the presets somewhere for free? do let me in, if you would? :)

    and girl – this brings back many fond memories. having just been there, i know the beauty with my own eyes and you captured it perfectly. such a pity we couldn’t have enjoyed it together. :)

    • i actually received vsco as a gift! so it was bought. if i knew where to find the presets somewhere i would tell you!! :)
      and thank you kylie…did you go to panajachel on this trip or a previous one? i love looking at all your guate photos too, it’s so cool to see it through your eyes (and also to see what i missed).

  3. They were called tuk-tuks when I was in Kenya! So interesting that half way around the world people have the same names for things. Also, I love the style of these pictures. Simple and beautiful :)

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