folk fest

these five days are one of my favourite things about summer.  no matter how stressful or busy the previous week was, as soon as i find myself driving to bird’s hill park, car packed full, with the windows rolled down and the warm sun on my arms,  i can’t stop smiling. bare feet, delicious food, running into friends, throwing a frisbee around as the sun sets, sleeping in the shade during the day (as opposed to sleeping at night), dancing in a sea of people and feeling the music in my bones. i love how everyone just lets go and there are no judgments or expectations. my friend janis has some beautiful photos from her festival experience here and here.

the music was excellent this year.  my favourites (new and old, in no particular order) were: feist, bahamas, the barr brothers, the head and the heart, james vincent mcmorrow, devotchka, k’naan, iron and wine, blitzen trapper, ozomatli and royal wood. lots of chills and plenty of dancing!

sidenote: that last photo is actually two exposures that overlapped on my film camera! two separate jumps, isn’t that nuts? totally unexpected.

(these two songs i love especially)

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  1. yay! i was going to ask you today if you were planning on posting folk fest photos. so happy you did (and thanks for the link!). love that beautiful sunny one of you… and the water gushing out of the tap!

    and i love love love rivers & roads. so good. i got teary eyed during their last workshop when they played it. just phenomenal!

  2. i am not such a big fan of the music but i LOVE the picture, this is exactly what i needed now to start smiling again… all of them are sooo peaceful and great. definitly gonna follow you!

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