some very nice things

{this past week or so…}

rainbows in the library
a date night
feeling beirut’s music in my heart and soul
wandering through a maze of antique furniture
re-acquainting myself with the pinawa dam, then getting to shoot a gorgeous wedding there a few days later
non-stop downtown fringing (it was so great this year!)
quality time with my kitty, skye
little ones, who would melt your heart
b’s grandparents celebrating sixty years of marriage!
breakfast at stella’s with warm raisin scones (twice!)
saying goodbye to my sister at the airport (only to welcome her back home a few days later)

this was a mix of film and iphone.
there are more travel photos coming, i promise.
oh and have a lovely week!

8 responses

  1. wow, sixty years, thats a really long time!!
    the kitty and the kids photos are totaly heartwarming. the holding.hands-one, too and the beirut pictures are making me kind of jealous…
    hope you have a great last day of july…

  2. oh beirut! undoubtably a good show! and a big congrats to your grandparents – 60 years! can you even imagine getting married in the 50s?! this girl can’t.

thanks for your comment! xo

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