guatemala | part two

we spent a weekend in the little town of panajachel, on (the gorgeous) lake atitlan.  it was fun to explore the packed markets, which we balanced with walking along the quiet lakefront.

it was in pana that we were also introduced to the tuk-tuk, a crazy mini taxi on three wheels that allowed us to zip around town for cheap!

guatemala | part one

antigua is one of those places almost everyone visits when they go to guatemala  (i can totally see why!).

i think it was an awesome place for us to begin our trip, because there was a good amount of english floating around and the city is perfectly geared for tourists, yet the food, markets, colorful people and rough cobblestone streets were enough to make us forget about home.

the roof-top view from our hostel was amazing (which, on a clear day, allowed us to gaze directly at the volcan de agua [water volcano] while eating huevos rancheros and drinking impossibly strong coffee).

best: guacamole (guatemala is famous for its avo’s), climbing the pacaya volcano early in the morning, exploring cathedral ruins

*the photo of the tree full of flowers was actually taken in guatemala city, on our ride out (just in case anyone who has been to antigua was wondering about the billboards!)