tom + alyssa | married


alyssa is a sweet friend of mine from high school, and she married her love on a warm day last august. her bright smile and equally bright personality shone more than ever that day. her love, tom, is one of the nicest, most sincere guys i know. and he has this knack for really seeing people.

these two are total adventurers, and actually met at mountain equipment co-op where they both worked. so of course it was fitting that tom + the guys began the day with a little rappelling down the side of a building!

a heart-warming ceremony, a beautiful brunch, and some picture-taking at a cool airplane museum, all surrounded by friends + love, was a pretty wonderful day in my books.

[thanks again to evan!  especially for risking your life for those rappelling photos.  dedication, my friend.]

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    • thank you, krysten! it is a pretty stellar photo location. it’s best during the day of course (i’ve shot there at night too, and the lights are a little orange and wonky). such a cool place!

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