minneapolis | blogshop!

two weekends ago, my friend amy and i took a little trip down to minneapolis, for a little thing called BLOGSHOP.


we had first planned on going a few months ago, so it was a little surreal to finally be there!  blogshop is an intense photoshop class, specifically aimed at bloggers, and we learned an insane amount.  most of what i knew of photoshop before, i had figured out on my own, but this class either a) confirmed that i was doing the right thing or b) taught me WAY better and more efficient ways of photoshoppin’ (more of the latter).

and, of course, it was super motivating to be taught by the inspiring ladies of blogshop – bri (graphic designer/blogger extraordinaire) and angela (phenomenal photog/director), who not only supplied us with more tips and know-how than we could handle, but also fun goodies + sugar.  if every classroom was like the one we were in (flowers + sunshine, yes please), i would stay in school for the rest of my life.  also, the sunday morning mimosas didn’t hurt.

keyboard shortcuts, instagrammin’, bright colours and gifs.  GOOD WEEKEND.

(YEAH she did!  follow the lovely amy on instagram if you wish)

stay tuned for more minne adventures…

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  1. And, you just won for best blog post EVER! Thank you for the loveliest of trips, my dear. Here’s to hoping that BlogShop Video makes a Minneapolis appearance soon because I can’t wait for our next road trip ;)

    • total mac domination, you’re right, but they were required! i think so it was easier for them to teach the class as a whole, instead of explaining how to do things one way on a mac, and then the other way on a pc. still, it’s funny. oh janis, it would’ve been so fun to have you along! maybe we’ll do a video one in another city when you get back…:)

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