sam + cory | married | part one



sam and cory had the brilliant idea of taking photos with their wedding party two days before the actual wedding (i highly recommend this!). everyone braved the cold and looked amazing. it was a fun couple of hours and my cheeks hurt from laughing with this hilarious group of friends.

samantha and cory are wonderful people, and it was truly a delight getting to know them and document their wedding day (which was gorgeous, by the way – photos to come).

quebec city


i took a little trip to quebec city with my good friend chantal in april. it was such a fun escape.
she speaks french quite fluently (i kept reverting to spanish by accident??) so it was easy to get around!
the city is small, but gorgeous and rich with history. we may or may not have had creme brulee every day. and we went to the musée national des beaux-arts as well as the aquarium on the rainy snowy days. i also forgot my phone in a cab for a few hours, but managed to get it back because canadians are wonderful people ;)

and i made a video because that’s the kind of thing i do.

happy spring! xo