california (field trip, el capitan canyon)


photos from some really wonderful, life-changing days spent just outside of santa barbara last february. it was rainy + muddy the entire time (and coming straight off a caribbean cruise, i did not have the proper footwear whatsoever). but the weather didn’t stop me from continuing to fall in love with california and only made the whole experience more of an adventure. plus i shared a yurt with some really awesome friends so that made it all the more fun!

field trip – one heck of an intensive, creative, personal + inspiring weekend. i took so much away from those few days there, it opened my eyes in a lot of ways, and i flew home infinitely more excited to be a part of this industry + creative field. i learned from so many photographers that i hugely admire, and it was so encouraging to see how humble + relatable everyone was. reasons field trip stole my heart include – the camp vibes, the wilderness, the dance parties, the free whiskey, the cool new friends, the informal (yet super informative) atmosphere, all the incredible people to learn from, and again, just how freaking humble everyone was.

field trip was so up my alley + i can’t wait to go back. xo

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  1. I don’t know why it’s taken me so long time to re-visit your blog! The colors, the atmosphere, the people – everything just looks so absolutely amazing. Sure looks like you guys had a great time! :)

thanks for your comment! xo

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