love and a little fyi


i am so lucky to be able to support myself by doing something that i love.  as i am photographing weddings full-time now, i started a different blog for all LOVE-RELATED photos.  i want to keep this blog a more personal space from now on (which is also a bit of a challenge for me – to take more photos on my own time!).  so if you wish to follow along with my wedding and engagement work, this is where all those photos will be.  thank you to everyone who has supported me with lovely comments and encouragement :)

marybeth + stefan | engaged

marybethstefanengaged001 marybethstefanengaged002 marybethstefanengaged003 marybethstefanengaged019marybethstefanengaged005 marybethstefanengaged006 marybethstefanengaged007marybethstefanengaged018 marybethstefanengaged009 marybethstefanengaged008 marybethstefanengaged010 marybethstefanengaged011 marybethstefanengaged012 marybethstefanengaged013 marybethstefanengaged014 marybethstefanengaged015 marybethstefanengaged016 marybethstefanengaged017

we wandered around red river college, empty + echoey on a weekend, because it was one of those days where your toes freeze outside in seconds.  but the wintery days are ending at last, and these pictures feel like spring to me.

marybeth and stefan are beautiful people in every way, and i am blessed to know them (their august wedding will be so so lovely, i can just tell).