sam + cory | married | part two

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this day was a party from start to finish. this wedding party had me laughing the whole time. it was a day centered around friends and relationships for sure, in the midst of cory & samantha’s love for each other.

sam’s parents are deaf, which added a unique and beautiful perspective to the day (props to the guy who translated the entire ceremony and reception! amazing!).

gorgeous, fun-loving, incredible people, you all are! it was a honor to document sam and cory’s day.

ceremony – all saint’s anglican church
photos – manitoba legislative building
reception – qualico centre

{thank you to my friend ariana for assisting me!}

sam + cory | married | part one



sam and cory had the brilliant idea of taking photos with their wedding party two days before the actual wedding (i highly recommend this!). everyone braved the cold and looked amazing. it was a fun couple of hours and my cheeks hurt from laughing with this hilarious group of friends.

samantha and cory are wonderful people, and it was truly a delight getting to know them and document their wedding day (which was gorgeous, by the way – photos to come).